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Beauty Palmira: The Hunger Games | Die Tribute von Panem Makeup

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The Hunger Games Injuries-OWWWW

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I love this part!!! Made me cry!!!!

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Which Famous Book Character Are You?

✔️ Harry Potter! you are guided by your conscience and has a keen feeling of right and wrong. you make mistakes but always make up for them. anger and impulsiveness are your flaws. still you are kind and honorable.

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Make up your mind / To me this isn't quite right. In the first picture he is speaking of caring for others, in the second scene he is talking about others missing him.

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PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT!!!! I think this is inaccurate. Authors develop emotional attachments to their characters just like the readers. In a way, the author has to deal with more sadness from the death of a character than a reader does. An author envisions a life for their character, and it's painful to give them up. Authors HATE killing their characters. It's much harder for an author to kill a character in their novel than people like to imagine.

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Skater boy by Avril Lavigne, totally applies there!

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Elethea Ambrose - District 4 - Victor of the 69th Hunger Games (DIG UP THE BONES & LEAVE THE SOUL ALONE) [Hunger Games: Finnick/OC]

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This is SOO true...But I'm still Clato all the way!!!!

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BEST PLOT TWIST... FAN FIC WHATEVER!!!!!! <3^^^ OKay so read this wanted to scream but cant so ended up making a hissing sound its great

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