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At least once a year I end up taking my red golden retriever to the veterinarian for ear issues. I’ve used over the counter ear washes from Petco and the like, but never seem to conquer the issue. …

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Get rid of dog ear infections!

DOG EAR INFECTION CLEANER    Because we have a cocker spaniel and know that ear infections can be quite common, we wanted to repost a blog about an ear infectio


How to Clean a Dog's Ears With Vinegar & Water

Steps to clean your dog's ears during those NYC snow storms! For all your pet needs visit your closest Duane Reade or check out!


Made my very own dog ear wash. After looking at the all natural ear cleaners at pet shops I realized its so easy to make. The one I was going to buy had this in it so I made it instead. It was over 25$ for a small bottle. Water, witch hazel (if you're getting generic make sure to read cause its usually more percentage of alcohol than WH) melted coconut oil, a couple drops of tea tree oil depending on how strong yours is. & there you go! Your dogs ears will smell good too!


Home Cures for Smelly Dog Ears


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Recipes for Anti-Fungal Ear Wash for Dogs

Recipes for Anti-Fungal Ear Wash for Dogs | eHow