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9 easy bento box art ideas anyone can make

These puppy dog pizzas are acutally simple to make. We love easy bento box art ideas! | Bento Monsters

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Dixie National Forest

Pet friendly vacations to national parks can be disappointing for the pets. We found a couple of short trails where the dogs were welcome at Bryce and Zion, but the real dog friendly trails - not to mention spectacular scenery - is in nearby Dixie National Forest! Find more pet friendly places to stay and things to do near Dixie National Forest here:


Tanacetum coccineum or Pyrethrum roseum - Painted daisies can repel many bad bugs and browsing animals from surrounding plants. Discourages fleas on dogs wiped down with a leaf. Boiled leaves make intensely toxic bug spray to be used with extreme caution. Repellant properties are so beneficial that petals of the white variety are dried and used in the organic insecticide Pyrethrum. Planted near veggies or flowers, it can discourage pollination. Hardy plant, given room and lots of sun.

Camping with a canine is a pleasure for owner and pet. The well-behaved dog provides companionship, a feeling of protection, and even a helping hand. For the dog, time in the woods means new sights, sounds and smells, and an opportunity to further the bond with its master. Happily for both pet and pet owner, supplies exist to help keep a dog healthy and happy during his time in the woods.