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Hummer – Thermidor

Das perfekte Hummer – Thermidor-Rezept mit Bild und einfacher…

Hummer Thermidor mit jungen Kresse-Kartoffeln und glasiertem Frühlingslauch


Mediterraner Hummer

Edle Light-Version eines kulinarischen Klassikers aus Frankreich! Mediterraner Hummer - mit schwarzen Nudeln - smarter - Kalorien: 496 Kcal - Zeit: 40 Min. |


Starcookers Rezepte A-Z Hummer Thermidor


The delicious Lobster Thermidor and has always been a long standing favourite of the best chefs in France – but their secret has been let out. Our lobster thermidor recipe combines succulent and tender lobster meat with a decadent and creamy sauce, infused with white wine and fresh herbs to melt in your mouth.

Look at these brown eyes it's gotten so confusing in the backyard lately as we have had an influx of male Annas Hummingbirds who look nearly identical to Flash and the only way I can tell its him is that he's so comfortable with me he gets super close. But now the others have been getting comfortable too so Flash is hard to recognize. I do think this is him because he has the longer feathers and he made himself at home with his back to me. So. Flash I think it's best if you just tell me…


Unimog 416. And people think hummers have ground clearance. HA!