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honey badger don't care.


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Honey badge cub.

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Hamsters - 1 | Friend's Hamster had babies. they just got th… | Flickr

animal humor with captions | tortoise yer gonna get us killed ,oh my god slow down, tortoise snail ...

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Owls, owls, owls

Captions: breathing new comic life into mediocre photos since 2007 (25 photos)

Owls, owls, owls

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Honey badger don't care!

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Honey Badger: a mustelid na-tive to AF/ Mid East/ IN sub-continent. Despite its name, it does not closely resemble other badger species: it is more closely related to the Martin subfamily. It is primarily a carnivorous species/ has few natural predators due to its thick skin & ferocious defensive abilities

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honey badger

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Honey badger doesn't give a fuck about you.

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