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Ein theatrales Projekt von Wissenschaftlern über Unbewusstes.


s-peek Offers Business-Oriented Reports, Graphs & Statistics [Android]

Great new iPad homophone lesson. Animated two. I mean to. I mean too!

Dear Deer. :) Homographs (big category) Subcategory- HOMO ("same") + PHONE ("sound") Subcategory- HOMO ("same") + GRAPH ("writing")

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Homonyms {No Prep Practice}

All about multiple meaning words! This packet contains 14 black/white printables for identifying and generating meanings for homonyms. It was created for use in a small group or speech therapy setting. Be sure to check out the preview!Page 1: Title PagePage 2: Table of ContentsPage 3: Homonym Fortune TellerPage 4-5: Homonym Mini-BookPage 6-7: Homonym Quiz x2Page 8: Homonym Cut and PastePage 9-11: Double Meanings x3Page 12-13: Homonym Dont Wake the Monster x2Page 14-15: Spin, Say, Graph…

Human Evolution Timeline - I see Homo Sapiens is not connected to or descended from any other human looking species on this timeline? Why is that? And how exactly did these species produce NEW genes to be able to grow the brain to a bigger size? Mutations and Duplications do NOT grow new genes with new functions.