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Hochzeitsspiele Quiz Fragen

von Hochzeitsportal24


Ein sehr schönes Hochzeitsspiel ist das Hochzeitsrätsel. Dazu gibt es verschiedene Varianten: Einfache Fragen oder in Quiz Form.


We made sort of ice breaker type cards for each table. We put facts about each person at the table, but didn't include who it was talking about. It got the guests at each table talking to each other and some guests even went table to table to see the other cards. We wrote things like "Someone at this table is a luchador…but shhhh!" and "Someone at this table had Katie as a teacher." Copyright: DCMGMT Creative, Inc.

von Etsy

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Icebreaker that pairs up players who don't know each other. Hopefully they were paying attention when you asked them to introduce themselves -- because next they'll be back-to-back trying to answer questions about what the other person is wearing - without peeking! Christmas party game for adults.