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Hochzeitsspiele Jeden Monat Geschenk

von DaWanda

Hochzeitsspiel: 12x Rezeptepostkarten! Rezeptka

Und weil die Braut eine schlechte Köchin ist, wünschen wir uns als Gästebuch ein Rezept aus eurer Küche

von Interiors by Kenz




Gift idea DIY New years eve New years resolution Also Nice as a wedding gift. Have guests write down wishes for the newly wedded couple. They can pic a note (either when ever they want) or once a month : write down every month of the year. You can also have the guests right down neat things to do for the couple. E.g. The guest writing on the "paper December" could have the task to bake them Christmas cookies Neujahr Vorsätze Wünsche Geschenk Persönlich Ab Januar Hochzeitsspiel Hochzeit

Wedding Reception Games - Group game of Stand Ask everyone to stand up at their tables. Then, read out various statements, like “If the day of the month in which you were born is a prime number, sit down. If you had to ask what a prime number is, sit down” Some statements will let people stand back up until a winner (last standing) is determined. Have a special thank you gift for that guest.