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Auch ein großer Pavillon kann zur schönen Hochzeits-Location werden. Durch tolle Tischdekoration lässt sich eine schöne Atmosphäre zaubern.

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Das Kutschespiel:Ihr platziert ein paar Stühle genauso wie in einer Kutsche (also zwei vorne, zwei mittig, zwei hinten etc.) und lasst spielwillige Gäste darauf Platz nehmen. Die Rollen sind: 2 Pferde, Kutscher, König, Königin, 4 Räder (rechtes und linkes Vorderrad, rechtes und linkes Hinterrad). Jetzt lest ihr die Kutscherspiel-Geschichte vor und jeder Spieler, der seinen Namen hört, muss aufstehen und um seinen Stuhl herumrennen. Super witzig und ...

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wedding musical chairs Musical Chairs: Play this game the traditional way--the disc jockey or band plays a tune, then stops suddenly. Guests then try to quickly find a seat. Each table of guests should be short one chair. In this way, after each round, one person will be out at each table. When only one person is left at each table, he or she wins the table centerpiece.

Song and Dance: Here's a guaranteed dance-floor hit: Instead of numbering your tables, assign a song title to each one. When the tune plays, the whole table has to get up and get down.

This would be a fun game to play at a wedding reception, musical money; have a guest at each table take out a dollar bill and when the dj starts playing the music you pass the dollar around, last person holding the dollar when the music stops has to get up and dance around the table! Fun way to get people in the dancing mood!

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This wedding game is designed as an icebreaker for guests. The objective is to get up and find other guests that have things which are written square. Appropriate guest has to give a signature. Once the board is fully complete that guest wins! This game will bring a lot of fun ;) You can buy it once and print out thousands of times. You will be able to print this without a watermark at home or at a print shop of your choice. After you buy this product, you will get it as PDF and JPG file…

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Pass the dollar until the music stops then the person who has the dollar dances around the table, then everyone gets up to dance! Great way to get the reception started!!

Let's face it — once your reception gets up and running, your watering hole (a.k.a. your bar) is the number one spot your guests will gravitate toward, so you better make sure it not only looks good but is serving refreshments that are up to par. From self-serve stations and stunning set-ups to signature drinks and personalized touches, these fun bar ideas will leave your guests thirsty for more.

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