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Best Ever Camping Party! love the hobo sacks party favor and games

My Life in Color ...and Everything in Between: Blue and Orange (Terracotta) Room

A camping birthday is a must. I love this party favor idea. Now which kid can I convince that they want this as much as me? : )

Hobo Dinner - for one of those nights when you just don't feel like cooking & dishes. Could probably substitute fish & green beans...

von Spaceships and Laser Beams


A backyard CAMPING party... pitch some tents in the yard..and flashlights for party favors?? genius! what kid doesn't love a flashlight?!?


Hobo Casserole. **Ivy's notes-this is a recipe that my mom has done for years. Decided to "google" it and see if I can could find a recipe very similar. And this is it exactly it. It takes a while to cook, but very good!

Hobo Pies: Preheat Oven for 350. Cut abunch of Veggies, Put em' in a bowl... add & mix Olive Oil, Spices, Herbs etc. Then dump all veggies into a bowl made out of Aluminum Foil, and close. Place Aluminum Bowl in Oven for 45ish minutes {till hardest veggies is soft} *Thanks to @KoryButtrey for this recipe


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"Bacon - an essential element.... Tangie, this one's for you!" KENDRA I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! The next strip of bacon I eat is in YOUR HONOR!!!


Sink set up (complete with cute accessories!) and table/chair set #camping #glamping