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List of American History Readings Worksheets for High School Students - Free to Print

This lesson is included in the larger United States Industrialization unit, located here:The United State Industrialization Unit!Buy the bundle and save a bundle!-----------------------In this highly-engaging centers activity, students navigate through 6 different stations, each which focuses on a different aspect of life as a slave!Students learn about slave auctions, the abolitionist movement, slave rebellions, slave punishments, general life in the United States, and the role and…

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Historical Books for Kids Part 2 - “Since it is so likely that (children) will meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage. Otherwise you are making their future not brighter, but darker.” -C.S. Lewis

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UNITED STATES HISTORY WORD WALLS. If you've ever wanted your students to have a visual representation the 13 colonies, American Revolution, Civil War, Manifest Destiny, and Presidents of the United States then you're in the right place! This "Word Wall" bundle is going to make your classroom/bulletin boards visually appealing and get your students more engaged in their social studies education.

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Board Games are a Simple Way to Make American History Fun & Interesting There are lots of quality educational board games out there, so it’s easy to find one to fit most school subjects. One of my favorite places to use board games is in history. There are a lot of names, dates, and facts that middle school kids need to learn. Games are a fun way to teach this information, as well as to do some review. It's a great activity idea for tweens and teens.

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Bringing history alive is very important and so much fun! In our classroom, we bring the American Revolution to the present day by putting the Sons of Liberty and the British Red Coats on trial during our classroom 'Mock Trials.' You'll love this project - it's just so amazing to see your students living out the history they've learned in their text books!

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Colonizing the Moon - An American History Simulation

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When your students ask, "Why should we study history?" ask them to answer the question.

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50 DIY Projects for teaching Social Studies | Classroom Tested Resources

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