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Some #Spanish animal words for World Wildlife Day #wwd2016. Which word is your favourite? (hier: Wien Hauptbahnhof)

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Deutsch lernen on

Perfekt …

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The Secondary Classroom Procedure You Can't Live Without

Classroom management is critical for creating and maintaining a positive learning environment. Students of all ages - even middle school and high school - thrive on structure. Read this post to read about the foundation for my classroom culture and the #1 tool I use for formative assessment!


too bad we don't even have these tv's anymore


High School Student Rewards That Won't Cost You a Penny

While it is simple for us to think about what would make us work to our highest ability as teachers, it is often more difficult to recognize some rewards and/or positive reinforcements for our high school students in our classrooms.

Bro, if she doesnt want to learn a new language, it's her right. She's trilingual, thats all that's expected from a student in school.


Basic Spanish Verbs - Spanish 1 in High School


My high school Spanish teacher used this. I still have mine somewhere! Use office folders for language rules and ways to remember. Each student can use their own methods this way -Preterite and Imperfect #learn #spanish #kids

Best meme ever. This happened to me and my class with "Thrift Shop" in a Capella version. But we didn't get detention thank God

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Fun Activities for a High School Spanish Club

Fun Activities for a High School Spanish Club | eHow