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Egyptian Art Print Winged Scarab Sun God Ra

Ägyptische Kunstdruck geflügelten Skarabäus Sonnengott Ra


farbige ägyptischen Hieroglyphen Tattoo auf dem Rücken

Scarab beetle and hieroglyphs New Kingdom, 1550-1350 BC Limestone Black ink

Hieroglyphs showing the words for Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, Brother and Sister.


Who else thinks insight looks the start up button on a computer? What if that was done on purpose, you DO go on the computer for insight.


Chapter 6: " Loki and Thor, Anansi and the Lion-God, Leprechauns and Cluracans and Banshees, Kubera and Frau Holle and Ashtaroth " - The Lion-God is Maahes, an Egyptian god with a lion's head. He is the son of the cat-headed goddess Bast.

The ancient Kemetic staff sign or god staff ankh, which is also believed to be the hieroglyph used to symbolize reproduction and sexual union. According to other sources means life and zest for life. The best summary of its meaning is future life, life after death. #ankhlife #majesticallymelanatedandfit


Want this Egyptian tatt somewhere on my body