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Joutes with bone marrow, green gazpacho, pea puree, verjus jelly, and cheese toasts by chef Heston Blumenthal.


Heston Blumenthal's edible garden. The dish consists of a mayonnaise type sauce, with olive ‘soil’ on top, into which you ‘plant’ the baby veg. The home cook says: "There was nothing particularly difficult about it, but the olives took four hours to dry out to make the soil. We also couldn’t get hold of the cereal required to give the soil a bit of extra colour, so we added toasted pinenuts instead." An interesting dinner party dish.


Tiramisu pots by Heston Blumenthal - nature plant pot food - environmental ?


edible white chocolate "candle" filled with caramel Previous note: Heston Blumenthal


Heston Blumenthal’s Lemon Tart via My Cooking Hut #lemon #recipe


Heston Blumenthal’s chocolate chip cookies

von the Guardian

Garden salad with sauce gribiche recipe

Name: Heston Blumenthal's Garden Salad with Sauce Gribiche • Description: "Gribiche is a classic French sauce similar to tartare. It traditionally accompanies fish and chicken, and can also be used as a dip for chips or scotch eggs. Here, though, it forms the base layer of a miniature edible garden, complete with vegetables that appear to be bedded in soil." — "Heston Blumenthal's Garden Aalad with Aauce Gribiche Recipe", The Guardian (Retrieved: 4 February, 2014)

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Amazing Fat Duck Imagery

A dessert made by Heston Blumenthal at the Fat Duck


Historic Heston - Meat Fruit with parfait spheres of fois gras, mandarin jelly, and herb oil by chef Heston Blumenthal.