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21 Fun DIY Projects That Will Make Your Bedroom More Cozy

The best thing about the colder weather is definitely coming home, going into your bedroom, and wrapping yourself up in a huge blanket to make a human cocoon that you will stay in until you go outside again. Winter can be brutal, and there’s nothing bette


Haus Reinigung Schablone - Bullet Journal Schablone, passend für TN, Leuchtturm und Moleskine 4" durch 7"

Haus Reinigung Schablone Bullet Journal Schablone von Moxiedori


Und noch ein bisschen Glitzer drauf …

So, gerade zurück aus Berlin und fast erfroren, aber glücklich und voller Tatendrang! Um dieses Jahr ein Weihnachten mit Schnee zu garantieren und auch noch eine total süße Geschenkidee zu haben, h…

Gorgeous DIY lace bowl.                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

DIY Doily-Bowl

Gorgeous DIY lace bowl. Mehr


OMG - das ist wohl eines der schönsten Puppenhäuser die je gebaut wurden - eine echte Inspiration!


Leder Reise Notizbuch Skizzenbuch oder von BroLeatherWorks auf Etsy


Free Planner & Organization Printables

Free Planner & Organization Printables — The Mountain View Cottage


Free Planner & Organization Printables

It's hard to believe we are wrapping up 2016! this year has been the year of change for me! This time last year I had just launched this blog. I was mentally preparing my self to run my sign shop and feeling less than jazzed about creating a new collection for the new year and putting in both the mental and physical energy it takes to run a successful handmade shop. I knew I wanted to close my shop and blog, but financially that didn't make sense and I knew it was going to take some…


CLOE aka NADYA – A1099851 Supercute very affectionate and well mannered beginners dog girl is on death list today! If you would like to foster or adopt and can't make it to the shelter, please write an email NOW to the Urgent Help Desk at Their experienced volunteers will assist you one-on-one with rescues and the application process. Transport can be arranged by rescues to the homes of approved fosters or adopters within 3-4 hours of New York City