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Home audio and theater and music accessories for great music experience.

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JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black): Home Audio & Theater

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The model cr-40 seemed the best of the crosley portable turntables. #Electronics #Home Audio and Theater #Stereo Components #Turntables


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We finally decided to go for it since it was basically free. For someone who just wants to get into vinyl and experience that warm crackle and unique tangibility that comes with playing records (which i think is about 95%+ percent of everyone looking to buy this), then this turntable is absolutely perfect for you. It's perfect for that, and don't let the bad reviews fool you- the sound is good. #Electronics #Home Audio and Theater #Stereo Components #Turntables

The plastic bends easily on top. After a while it started to make a grinding noise of plastic on plastic. So i had to take it apart to adjust the belt. This worked for a while but had to do it again. The sound is not bad at all and reaches a good volume point. Still could be louder. Overall i am disappointed with this product and hopped for a lot more for $80. Because i feel like its worth $40 at most. #Electronics #Home Audio and Theater #Stereo Components #Turntables

I really wanted to love this handset. There are many things that are right with this, but there are some important things that are wrong.first of all, the looks is great. Sleek and modern, this is a great item for the office desk. Hopefully, i'll put the correct end to my ear, since you can't tell the difference due to the style of the handset. #Electronics #Home Audio and Theater #Docking Stations