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The model cr-40 seemed the best of the crosley portable turntables. #Electronics #Home Audio and Theater #Stereo Components #Turntables


I really wanted to love this handset. There are many things that are right with this, but there are some important things that are wrong.first of all, the looks is great. Sleek and modern, this is a great item for the office desk. Hopefully, i'll put the correct end to my ear, since you can't tell the difference due to the style of the handset. #Electronics #Home Audio and Theater #Docking Stations

I just received my crosley in the mail today. The speakers work wonderfully for my room and i actually prefer not to listen at full volume because it's too loud, so again, i don't get the comments about the player being too quiet. #Electronics #Home Audio and Theater #Stereo Components #Turntables