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Redner Gottes reden getrieben durch den Heiligen Geist

Sibylle Lewitscharoff – Das Pfingswunder

Pfingsten, eines der Hochfeste der Christenheit, der Empfang des Heiligen Geistes, der alle Menschen beseelte und sie in fremden Sprachen reden lies. Zu eben jenem Fest im Jahre 2013 versammeln sic…

St Francis preaching to St Clare

Wie man Kindern hilft, den Heiligen Geist zu erkennen - Liahona Dezember 2013…

Der Obstsalat vom Heiligen Geist – Teil 2

We’re taught in John 4 that God is Spirit and does not live in a physical body. However, this does not prevent the physical body being some part of the image of God. We exist as body and soul together. It is meaningless to talk of us a just a soul or just a body when we are alive on earth. Both are intricately intertwined to make you the person we are.

zumthor | Bruder Klaus Field Chapel (2007). Mechernich, Germany. Peter Zumthor “It’s a very existential space. It talks about the wind and the rain and the snow and the weather and the stone and darkness and light and charcoal and there was a fire and you still can smell it.”