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Illustrations by Niel Quisaba

You might be surprised to know that Father Time was not, in fact, an old man. Actually, he was rather young, and if it weren't for the odd 20th century bowler hat he insisted upon wearing at all times, you would never have noticed anything odd about him at all, other than the fact that he had a remarkable fondness for clocks, and liked to pet them and talk to them wherever he went. --- K. E. Fitzgerald


My black cats are invisible in the dark. I have to find them by sound, kind of like a bat... ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club


File this under "Things that are absolutely beautiful." #cattattoo #littlepinknose #imwatchingyou --- // gorgeous work @rosita_rahvi_inkheaven


Probably the single most powerful statement of what the 90s meant, or seemed to mean. No weirdos, no outsiders, no clique left behind. This was the time when weird meant being ordinary. Whether we loved #Nirvana or not, they changed the world of music and culture taking the underground overground, and making #alternative a byword for James Blunt pop