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Homemade fly trap that actually works 1 quart jar, with lid 1/2 cup vinegar 1/2 cup sugar Water Puncture some medium holes in the lid. Add the sugar & vinegar, then top with water. Screw on lid & place jar where the flies are a nuisance.

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Homemade House Fly Traps

Homemade House Fly Traps 2C water, 1/2C sugar, 1/2C white vinegar. Put big holes in lid and sit inside or out. Flys fly in but not out


Gibt's da was zu futtern? So viele Marienkäferchen an einer Pflanze habe ich noch nie gesehen! WOW ... ☺

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How to Care for Venus Fly Traps

Just add a piece of fruit - then you've got a homemade flytrap. Feed a couple per month to your Venus flytrap. Otherwise, you've got a cheap, easy way to combat fruit and house flies!

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Homemade House Fly Traps

Homemade House Fly Traps (with Pictures) | eHow

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The King of DIY Fly Traps

DIY Fly trap 'The Lord in his wisdom made the Fly; and then forgot to tell us why'... - Ogden Nash

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11 Plants that Naturally Repel Flies

11 Plants that Repel Flies. Don’t settle for ugly fly traps or hazardous chemicals; simply choose some plants that naturally repel flies. Here is a list of a few that can keep those pesky pests away!

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Homemade Fly Traps

Flies are among the most common pests and can multiply quickly. While purchasing fly traps from hardware stores and grocery stores is always an option, you can easily make your own homemade fly traps from a few simple ingredients that are probably already in your kitchen pantry.