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Das gefällt uns: Frühstücken und Spielen auf demselben Brett ;)


A Conversation Board Game - This conversation board game is easy to create, but one of the most useful ones I have in my magic bag of teacher supplies. If the ones in the photos here look a bit beaten up, it’s because I’ve been using them since 1992! I have also made color photocopies of the boards and had the copies laminated, so that I can roll them up and travel with them when necessary…


Fun and Free printable game boards that can be used with word cards or flash cards! They even have a spinner and dice you can print out and use!

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A few months back, I saw a Lord of the Rings Monopoly board game on Ebay and thought: We wants it, we needs it! (in Gollum's voice). But then I took a closer look and saw that there is a parking lot in Middle-Earth. The board game was also expensive and the shipment would cost me double the price of the product.


"C" is for Crafty: Homeade Pirate Board Game ((( AWESOME!!!! )))


14 Awesome Homemade Board Games

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Use for game pieces - so stinking cute!