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I watched it burn, my home, my whole life; everything I had come to know, and love, disappeared in the flames.

von eHow

Homemade House Fly Traps

House flies are not only a nuisance while they are buzzing around your head, they are also carriers of germs and diseases. Insect sprays will kill the house flies, but they are not safe to use around food, children or animals. Sticky flypaper will catch some of them, but it's unattractive. Making your own fly traps is inexpensive and uses...

Kill those flys!! How to make a simple fly killing trap from a plastic coke bottle, via YouTube.

von Etsy

Jellyfish Air Plant // Sea Urchin Wedding Favor Decor Gift Mini Kit DIY tiny cute exotic house indoor plant shell hanging planter art

Jellyfish Air Plant // Sea Urchin Wedding Favor von PetitBeast


Take them down.

With not protection or backup. Yea but she is a weapon. How so. She captures them with beauty then they fight to the death for her she then belittles them and they commit suicide


Create Your Own Secret Garden

Never place a mirror in the garden- birds injure or kill themselves flying into the glass.