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Sauteed shiitake mushrooms and green onions. Harumi Kurihara


Modified slightly the Tsukune recipe by Harumi Kurihara at NHK World: 2/3 lb. ground chicken, 1/2 cup finely minced green onion, 2 TBSP sake, 2 TBSP flour, salt and pepper, optional: 1 tsp. grated fresh ginger. Mix all, shape into patties. Wrap with toasted nori piece or a clean shiso leaf. Place on a foil-lined tray. Fry in oil (or bake at 400'F/10 min). Brush w/ teriyaki sauce after cooking if desired: simmer 1/2 c soy sauce, 1/2 c mirin, 4 TBSP sugar for 15 min; skim surface if…


Einfach japanisch kochen von Harumi Kurihara

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:: Harumi’s Green Beans With A Sesame Dressing

Ingen Gomaae, Green Beans with Sesame Dressing Kurihara Harumi Recipe|いんげんの胡麻和え


Harumis japanische Küche: Klassisch - einfallsreich - einfach zuzubereiten von Harumi Kurihara


UDON ~~~ recipe gateway: this post's link shares recipes from, "harumi’s japanese home cooking". KAKE UDON aka SU UDON bowl constructs and recipes needed for such included + misc info and a different perspective + a recipe identical to my own grandmother's [Japan] [Harumi Kurihara] [cookbookmaniac]