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Figure (2000-1600 BCE) from Altyndepe, a Bronze Age (BMAC) site in Turkmenistan inhabited in the 3rd to 2nd millennia BCE, abandoned around 1600 BC. Namazga V and Altyndepe were in contact with the Late Harappan culture, and some to identify the culture as Proto-Dravidian. The site is notable for the remains of its "proto-Zoroastrian" ziggurat. Models of two-wheeled carts from c. 3000 BC found at Altyn-Depe are the earliest complete evidence of wheeled transport in Central Asia.

Seal -3, Harappan Civilization, C- 2700-2000 BC | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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The best Known sites of the Harappan civilisation might in Pakistan,but lothal in Gujrat (the most significant Harappan site in India) is special.Excavations have revealed a large dockyard, the only one of its kind-leading archaeologists to believe that the city was an important stop on the trade route between the Harappan cities in Sindh and the peninsula of saurashtra. A large mud-brick embankment surriunds the neatly laid-out settlement, which has a well-planned drainage system. A model…

Harappan language

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The Indus Valley: Mohenjo-daro, Harappa - Ancient Man and His First Civilizations

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Harappan culture seal, an example of Indus Valley script. Still undeciphered. Ca 2000 BC.

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