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Harald Quandt

Joseph Goebbels with Magda & Harald Quandt (in the doorway). 1931. (via theevastory)

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Step-grandchildren of Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels are worth billions after inheriting industrial fortune

Susanne Klatten- Harald Quandt's daughter

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Who Really Poisoned the Goebbels Children?

Joseph Goebbels with his stepson Harald Quandt (1 November 1921, Charlottenburg – 22 September 1967, Cuneo, Italy)


2) Long before World War II, Guenther Quandt (Harald's father) turned an unexceptional family textile business that he inherited from his father Emil Quandt, into one of the earliest German industrial business empires. During World War I, Guenther's company became the largest clothing manufacturer in Germany by producing military uniforms. When WWI was over, Guenther, who was flush with cash, bought a company that made batteries, a company that made sewing machines, a silverware manufacturer…

Magda and Joseph Goebbels following their wedding ceremony, December.19, 1931. In the doorway is Harald Quandt, Magda's son

1er mai 1945: Dans le bunker de la Chancellerie du Troisième Reich à Berlin, Joseph #Goebbels, ministre de la Propagande et sa femme Magda tuent ses six enfants en les empoisonnant et ensuite se suicident peu d'heures après la mort d'Adolf Hitler. Ils ne veulent survivre à l'effondrement du nazisme. Ce crime horrible montre jusqu'à quel horreur peut amener le fanatisme. Le seul à se sauver du massacre fut Harald Quandt, le fils de premier lit de Magda Goebbels.


Harald Quandt, stepson of Joseph Goebbels and only surviving member of his family, on his wedding day with his wife Inge Bandekow in 1951. He died in a plane crash in 1967 leaving behind his wife and five daughters, now billionaires


Helga Goebbels and Hilde Goebbels playing in their garden with brother Harald Quandt and his friends. 1935.