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Halskette Carbon

Tutorial on How to Make Delicate Beading Pendant Necklace with Pearl and Glass Beads from #pandahall


Edelstahl Halskette Kohlenstoff Carbon Fiber Kohlefaser Strass Kreuz Anhänger


PHOTOS - Robert Redford sera au casting du prochain film de Nicolas Vanier, L'or sous la neige.

robert redford | Robert Redford sera au casting du prochain film de Nicolas Vanier, L ...


X100 Halskette Carbon Model (50cm) Schwarz

Dietrich O.Time Watches w/ Colorful Forged Carbon Bezels - on "Forged carbon has been 'in' for a while, even though the material has been mostly reserved for but the most luxurious(-ly priced) brands. Dietrich is among the small but ever-growing army of very competitively priced brands to embrace this highly durable material and now adds some unique colors to it with the Dietrich O.Time Forged Carbon and its all-black or vividly colorful carbon bezel offerings..."

von Etsy

Dragon Scales, Winter Ice ... Peyote Bracelet . Crystal . Pearl . Carbon Steel . White . Snow . Gray . Brilliant . Shine . Sparkle

Dragon Scales, Winter Ice... Peyote bracelet created from beads in carbon steel, pearl gray, snow white, shiny crystal, and matte transparent clear beads, this dragon's a beauty! $55


Hochschule Trier - Hybride“ Diplomarbeit von Anne Wiedau 2011 - „Hybride“ Diplomarbeit von Anne Wiedau 2011 - necklace "Car(bon)_Hybrid" econ stone, carbon, quartz crystal, rubber -

von Heldth

Bell & Ross BR-X1 Carbone Forgé

Mit der BR 01 führte Bell & Ross eine direkt von Flugzeuginstrumenten inspirierte Uhr ein, die durch ihr markantes Design zur unverwechselbaren Ikone wurde. Die Bell & Ross BR-X1 Carbone F…


Gold, steel and carbon are beautifully connected in this filigree Spring necklace by #ChristophFlück – Das Collier Spring: Ein filigranes Schmuckstück aus Gelbgold, Stahl und #Carbon, das mit einer innovativen Verbindungstechnologie gefertigt ist. |

A beautiful and one of a kind WIP by Deakath. This is a good place for me to start... leather armor on top of something more modern such as a hoodie. While I'm at it I could throw in some techy parts, maybe use some carbon fiber reinforced polymer here and there in its construction to drive it home. Upon learning of its faux fur, I found myself rather invigorated by the thought of hunting a pelt for a more genuine touch... and then celebrating with MEAT!!!