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Halboffene Küche Gestalten

Edition 500 B WOHNIDEE-Haus - Ein Bungalow mit frischen Wohnideen - Viebrockhaus


Grundriss EG Ökohaus Webb. Große, helle, halboffene Küche mit Zugang zum Esszimmer und Wohnzimmer, an das sich die Terrasse anschließt.


White Oak is a private home located in Singapore. It was designed in 2013 by Atelier M + A. White Oak by Atelier M + A: "The project is a renovation of a 25 year old condominium unit. The original unit had been planned in an irregular L-shaped configuration with the segregation of all interior spaces by solid walls. A number of the walls were knocked down to create better visual connection, replaced with custom-designed cabinets carefully placed to subtly define spaces or to create spatial…