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Sporthalle Franz-Mehring-Schule — Schulz und Schulz


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Sporthalle Franz-Mehring-Schule — Schulz und Schulz


Burgomeister of Leipzig a suicide in his office together with wife and daughter as 69th Infantry Division and 9th Armored Division closed on city. Germany, April 20, 1945.

The Leipzig Suicides, April 1945, Margaret Bourke-White,

Sven Hansen, Informatiklehrer am Leipziger Heisenberg-Gymnasium lobte das Engagement der Teilnehmer

Franz-Mehring-Schule gymnasium — Schulz und Schulz

Margaret BOURKE-WHITE: Leipzig City Council deputy mayor Dr. Kurt Lisso, member of Nazi party since 1932, lying dead at his Town Hall desk [a suicide from cyanide], along with his wife and daughter, as American soldiers enter the city at the end of WWII. Leipzig, Germany, April 13th, 1945

Lee Miller, The Bürgermeister`s daughter, Town Hall, Leipzig, 1945 © Lee Miller…