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Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple Notebooking Visual

Greatest Common Factor or Least Common Multiple - Using Clues from Mathematic Fanatic on - (6 pages) - Use the clue words to determine if you should use GCF or LCM. Practice page and homework pages included - FREE!

Free download! 40 Task Cards for Greatest Common Factor. This product is printer friendly. No clip art or heavy borders requiring lots of ink! 4 cards per page. Includes answer key and printable answer recording sheet for students.

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Greatest Common Factor Dice Game

Greatest Common Factor game to practice finding factors of a number, and them locating the greatest c...


Could use to compare systems of government: unitary, confederation, federal (top) and types of government: autocracy, oligarchy, and democracy (bottom).


How do we use greatest common factors and least common multiples?

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GCF & LCM (Foldable)

Greatest Common Factor (GCF) & Least Common Multiple (LCM) (6th Grade Math…

Venn diagram to find the GCF.....use in communicators


Factoring and Greatest Common Factors review worksheets. Great for factor rainbows...and it is FREE!


Math Games: Fruit Shoot Greatest Common Factor