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Student Grouping Ideas

Need fresh new ways to put students into groups? Read about these ideas that students will love!

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50 Fun Ways to Group Learners

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Group Students for Small Group Reading

Grouping students for reading instruction can be challenging. Here are some tips on how to effectively group students using assessment data. via @whatilearned

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50 Fun Ways to Group Learners

Great ideas for pairing/grouping students together...many of which also reinforce academic content in simple ways...


5 Fun Grouping Strategies

Make grouping students fun and stress free with these 5 tips and tricks. Tip #5 is my favorite and it's free!


Brotsorten in Deutschland- breads of Germany...No wonder my German exchange student was disappointed with American breads.


These Community Helpers Sorting Mats w/ Real Photos include 10 unique sorting mats that focus on identifying community helpers and objects associated with them. At an independent workstation, center or language group, students complete the following sorting mats by identifying the community helper and the things associated with him or her. For example the police officer mat includes handcuffs, a police car, a flashlight, a police hat, a police vest, etc.


The Scoop on Groups- Great ideas for grouping students! Not just popsicle sticks!