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Stress Relief Bubble Wrap

Anti Stress Geschenk


Wolf perler beads. My grandmother Birthday Present by Szilvi


Tell my husband that this would be a great birthday present! 69 Mustang Convertible

Grafik Werkstatt Bielefeld


This would make a great birthday present... just open it and make a wish while the dandelion seeds fly away


All you need is an empty Kleenex box. Dollar bills. Tape the dollar bills together end to end with Scotch tape. Obviously the more dollar bills the greater the “WOW.” Stuff them in the Kleenex box with just one dollar sticking out of the box. It’s fun to watch someone’s eyes grow wider as they pull out the dollars that go on and on. Make a tag that says: Don’t blow it all in one place. Happy Birthday.

von Geschenkly - Geschenkideen die passen

Oma ist die Beste – Wandkalender

Der Wandkalender "Oma ist die Beste" ist ein wundervolles Geschenk für Deine Oma. Sagen Sie Danke bei Oma, für alles was Sie für Sie getan hat.


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