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This diamond brooch was presented to Ella in 1896, in the day of Nikolay II and her sister Alix's coronation. This jewel was one of six brooches performed by Faberge by the order of Nikolay II to be given to Grand Duchesses. Nikolay II's mother and wife got the same brooches though the sizes of their brooches were bigger. The price of such a brooch was much higher then the price of the famous Faberge eggs. Today this brooch is in the private collection.

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Russia reveals tiny unmanned fireproof tank with missile launchers

Mini Tankbot, Russia Uran-9 stands just a few feet taller than the average human being, but there is no need to be any bigger as the machine does not transport soldiers. This vehicle will assists infantry units and counter-terrorism groups by reaching places soldiers are unable to travel. There has been no price mentioned as of yet, but the organization plans to launch Uran-9 into the market sometime this year


The Zoo has received a big lot of new animals - 1930. Soviet posters were not all about factories and fighting the bourgeois. This funky poster goes on to explain in some detail all the fine facilities of the Petrograd (St. Petersburg) Zoo.

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10 New Routes That Will Lead to Cheaper Flights

New routes set to spark the sort of airline competition that drives prices down. #travel #traveldeals