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Mit Ausgang des 2. Weltkrieges kam es zur völligen Auflösung der Vollblutherde. Ein Teil der Stutenherde wurde als Kriegsbeute nach Russland verbracht. Der Derbysieger Alchimist endete in der Feldküche sowjetischer Soldaten, nachdem sich der Hengst geweigert hatte, sich vor einen Wagen spannen zu lassen.


Editor’s note: To get David Horowitz’s and Robert Spencer’s pamphlet “Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future,” click here.

More Chinese banks to take part in setting the global gold price

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Future electric car roundup: Our most anticipated EVs of 2012 and beyond

The Fisker Atlantic is a plug-in hybrid concept in the same vein as the Fisker Karma, and will more than likely utilize the same “EV- ER” powertrain found in its bigger brother. While details regarding availability and pricing have yet to be finalized – it’s rumored the Atlantic will price somewhere between $50,000 and $60,000 and feature a four-cylinder BMW engine — a quick glance at Fisker’s website shows the California start-up already taking pre-orders for the Atlantic.

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Russia reveals tiny unmanned fireproof tank with missile launchers

Mini Tankbot, Russia Uran-9 stands just a few feet taller than the average human being, but there is no need to be any bigger as the machine does not transport soldiers. This vehicle will assists infantry units and counter-terrorism groups by reaching places soldiers are unable to travel. There has been no price mentioned as of yet, but the organization plans to launch Uran-9 into the market sometime this year


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Netflix now lets you watch your favorite shows offline

Netflix announced Wednesday that members have the option to download shows and movies and watch them offline. Of course, their is still a requirement for stable internet connection. Though the company argued that it was unnecessary as it was a short term fix for a bigger problem, that problem of course being wireless internet availability.

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Rand Paul Compares Paycheck Fairness To Soviet Politburo

The war on women continues as Republican Rand Paul is quoted as saying. Pay a fee for women is a communist idea from the days of Soviet Russia. an original comment from him and it's stupid