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Traditionelle Lernmethoden sprechen meist nur einen Lerntypen an. Mit der einzigartigen Lernmethode der Lingua Group werden hingegen all vier Lerntypen angesprochen. Das Lernresultat ist zwischen fünf- und zehnmal schneller.

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Yes. I know. "The Iliad" is one of those books they make you read in school... at some point... hopefully... But even if you haven't yet, or if you have and you regret wasting your time, you should read this version by Robert Fagles. It is the most readable version I have found to date and flows REALLY WELL!


Greek Yogurt with Quinoa Crunch and Strawberries--great breakfast idea! (in Polish with translator)

Poet, author and translator Titos Patrikios was proposed by the French chapter of Pen International, the world association of writers with 150 member countries, to be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature.wo other Greek poets have been honoured with the Nobel Prize in Literature in the past: Giorgos Seferis (1963 Laureate) and Odysseus Elytis (1979 Laureate).


Theodorus Gaza or Theodore Gazis (c. 1398 – c. 1475), also called by the epithet Thessalonicensis, was a Greek humanist and translator of Aristotle, one of the Greek scholars who were the leaders of the revival of learning in the 15th century (the Palaeologan Renaissance). On the capture of his native city by the Turks in 1430 he escaped to Italy. In 1447 he became professor of Greek in the newly-founded University of Ferrara.


Joe Sachs is a fantastic translator for the Greeks....keep him in mind when you go to read the Nicomachean Ethics, cuz it's the bomb and everyone should read it...

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