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NOTE rear pouches, rear pouch placement


News, Views and Tattoos: Special Operators Including Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Green Beret, Snipers and More


A Green Berets wedding photo. Truly manly

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A little late night inspiration for the motivated (20 Photos)

SSG. Nick Lavery lost his leg in a firefight and refused a medical discharge. He teaches other Green Berets at Fort Bragg.

#GreenBeretFoundation .... Green Berets even make nap time look cool ‪#‎GBNT‬ ‪#‎SundayFunday


The Guerrilla Factory: The Making of Special Forces Officers, the Green Berets - Tony Schwalm


US Special Forces Green Beret. Military hobby blog:


M1113 GMV-S, used by Green Berets, 7th SFG, ODA 7112, Afghanistan 2010. The vehicle: base - Tamiya, engine hood and front grill - Bronco, wheels - DEF Model, electronic stuff - Pro Art Models. With a lot of Live Resin accessories (SAG turret, M134D Minigun, M240B guns, antennas, hi-lift jack etc.). Figure: Legend LF0139 Commo Geek, SF Com. Sgt. with M4 replaced by SCAR and some Live Resin minor elements added.

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Why Green Berets Are The Smartest, Most Lethal Fighters In The World

The Green Berets Army Special Forces - Business Insider