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Edward Burne-Jones / Perseus und die Graien, 1892 / Oil on canvas / 153,5 x 170 cm. Courtesy of Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Paleo Chocolate Cake - Graien Free, Lactose Free


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Dramatically Mysterious Smoky Portraits

Dramatically Mysterious Smoky Portraits by Federico Bebber


28 Amazing Photoshop Photo Manipulation Examples from Tumblr Part 4 « Photoshop Photo Manipulations & Tutorials


"Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood / Clean from my hand? " __Macbeth, Act II, Scene 2

t h e g r a e a e were three ancient sea-daimones who personified the white foam of the sea. they were the daughters of the sea-deities phorcys and ceto and sisters to the gorgons. the graeae took the form of old grey-haired women; though at times, poets euphemistically described them as “beautiful.” their age was so great that a human childhood for them was hardly conceivable. they shared one eye and one tooth, which they took turns using.