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© Tiberius Gracchus -

Chris Pine. I adored him in Princess Diaries 2 before I even knew his name.

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The Gracchi brothers were at the center of the social conflict eventually destroying Roman Republic. (Later both end up being assassinated)

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A Roman legionary © Stephen Mulcahey / Arcangel Images

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Tiberius Gracchus death

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Stürzende Linien © Tibberius Gracchus -

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Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus - the Gracchi brothers. Their actions led to the end of the Roman Republic.

Statue of August from Prima Porta. Detail. Marble. Ca. 20—17 BCE. Inv. No. 2290. Rome, Vatican Museums, Chiaramonti Museum, New wing, 14.

0364256 © Granger - Historical Picture ArchiveLITERATURE. Initial letter Q depicting Tiberius and Gaius Sempronius Gracchus, miniature from In libris epitomatum illustriorum virorum Plutarchi, by Pietro Candido Decembrio (1392-1477), parchment manuscript, cod CCXXXIX, folio 180, verso. Italy, 15th century. Full Credit: De Agostini / A. Dagli Orti / Granger, NYC -- All rights reserved.

Colours. #meccariello Aurum model Gracchus #captoe #balmoralshoes made with vegetal tanned #calfskin with museum effect

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