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Golgatha Berlin

Golgatha Berlin Biergarten-Tradition seit 1928

Berlin: Cavalry 1914 2nd Cavalry Division (German Empire) in Berlin-Kreuzberg: A calvary rider with a lance by exercises with a horse

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Golgatha Biergarten am Kreuzberg

Golgatha Biergarten am Kreuzberg in Berlin, Berlin


Marc Chagall, 1912, Calvary (Golgotha), oil on canvas, 174.6 x 192.4 cm, Museum of Modern Art, New York. Alternative titles: Kreuzigung Bild 2 Christus gewidmet [Golgotha. Crucifixion. Dedicated to Christ]. Sold through Galerie Der Sturm (Herwarth Walden), Berlin to Bernhard Koehler (1849–1927), Berlin, 1913. Exhibited: Erster Deutscher Herbstsalon, Berlin, 1913


The winner of the silver medal at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Captain Thomson (U.S.A.) on “Jenny Camp”, takes the 35th obstacle during the cross-country competition. Out of 50 entries, 27 horses completed the course, three were fatally injured, and two horses were unable to finish on account of lameness. []


May 3, 1936: “A practice ride for the United States Military Olympic Team,” training for the pentathalon in the Berlin Olympics. A June 8 article went over the results of an “exhibition” of the team’s skills at Rye, N.Y., calling it “one of the largest assemblages ever to witness an outdoor horse show in the East.” Photo: The New York Times