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Goldhamster Käfig

REZENSION "RETTET RAFFI" Goldhamster Raffi ist der beste Freund des 8-jährigen Sammy. Und das nicht nur, weil das kleine Tier Tore schießen und Sachen finden kann. Nach einer schweren Operation wird das Auto mit dem Käfig geklaut und Sammy muss sich auf eine ...

von a cheerful living adventure

beach huts for guinea pigs

Guinea Pig Beach Huts


Wake Up! my music video.... there's hamsters in gilded cages, water pistols, mega phones and a singing gold fish!

I love the arched roof, nice and airy


i would be one happy gold fish!


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Small Pets Clipart Bundle from tongassteacher on - (33 pages) - This 33 piece clipart bundle features a variety of small pet animal graphics! This Small Pets Bundle includes a hamster, hamster wheel, guinea pig, chinchilla, mouse (3 different colored mice), rabbit, cockatoo, bird cage, gold fish, beta fish, fishbowl


This is my pretty little hamster, her name is Crumpet. She is a syrian hamster with nice gold and white fur which she keeps pretty clean. crumpet is a very talented hamster. I once saw her do a backflip! She was on the platform in her cage and then she was on the floor, and she was perfectly fine! She is also very strong. She likes rearranging things in her cage so they suit her liking.