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Dauerhaftes Grün: Filzblätter


So nutzen Unternehmen den Pokémon-Hype für ihr Geschäft

Pokémon Go ist besser gestartet als Tinder, wird häufiger genutzt als Facebook, spielt mehr Geld ein als Candy Crush und wird häufiger gesucht als "sex". So ein Hype schreit förmlich nach guten Marketing-Ideen. Wir haben die besten zusammengestellt.

((Open RP, I'm the "Witch". Up to 3 people)) I snarl angrily at the man waving around the fiery torch, screaming and demanding my death. The ropes cut into my wrists as I strain against the bonds "Let me go!" I cry out. The man turns around, a burning fire of fury and hatred in his eyes "Die witch!" He screams and throws the torch on the pile of dry bush. The flames are closing in when I hear screams from the villagers, and a dark figure shows. ((Credit to @FandomGoddess1))

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Community Post: 23 Things Every Gay Guy Using Tinder Will Go Through

I can't stop watching this... | Hetalia | France | England | America | Italy | Prussia

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10 Pain-Free Ways to Improve Your Copywriting

Hiring a copywriter is sort of like dating in the age of Tinder. It’s complicated. But the bottomline is, like it or not, copywriter hired or not, you’re going to need to do some of your own writing. Here are my 10 power tips for improving your copywriting now - all designed to help copywriting be pain-free and maybe even enjoyable. Save for later!