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Mind Jar -- meditation tool for all ages: "when stressed, overwhelmed, or upset, imagine the glitter as your thoughts/emotions. when you shake the jar, imagine your head full of whirling thoughts/emotions. then watch as they slowly settle together, and you calm down."

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Glitter jars: How to make your own calm down jar or bottle

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Calm Down Bottles made with glitter are soothing, inexpensive, and fun to make! Here are the steps to make a calming glitter sensory bottle...

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Glitter Calming Jars- to help calm kids down and help them to learn to self-soothe. Glitter, glue and water, maybe substitute with a plastic container.

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Today we made a calming jar especially for those occasions when your child or even 'you' are feeling a bit stressed or upset and need to take a few minutes to calm down. You just shake it up and wa...

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DIY calm down jars...I tried a sensory bag recently and no matter what I did it leaked, like this much better :)

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The Mind Jar is a meditation tool to use when you are stressed. When you shake the jar the glitter (your thoughts) are all over the place. Watch them slowly settle while you calm down. From blog, "Here We Are Together".

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calm down jar

Glitter Calm Down Silver and Gold Sensory Bottles for toddlers and preschoolers

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