Be yourself. Stand up for what you believe in even if you are alone.

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Inspired by NATURE : Foto

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My name is Rocky. I was rescued from the desert area of California City, Kern County. When I was found, I was taken into animal services and transferred to a nearby hospital. I have been surgically treated for a ruptured anus, and a prolapse. An investigation has been opened into the circumstances surrounding my condition, with speculation centering on sexual abuse. Currently I am up for adoption at the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, receiving the attention and love that someone as…

I love this white ink tattoo. I could also see something similar in the words 'believe' or 'hope'

Bibelverse Christliche,Bibelverse Sprüche,Christlicher Spruch,Jesus Gott,Preiset Gott,Gottes Wort,Auch Dich,Schöne Sachen,Wahre Hoffnung

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❁ brielleinmauve ❁

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Was haben Sie mit Isaac Newton gemeinsam?

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Auch Dich,Alles,Hoffnung Gott,Nachdenken Anregend,Christlich Deutsch,Bibelstellen,Glaubens,Christlicher Spruch,Christliche Bilder

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