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Cone 5, ox. Sustituí el Gerstley por frita 3134. No se aprecian diferencias entre las tres muestras. Receta original del libro "The complete guide to Mid-Range Glazes" de John Britt.

If there’s one thing I have learned in my time here as editor of Ceramic Arts Daily, it’s that our readers never seem to tire of learning about decorative techniques for the clay surface. And neither do I. That’s why we decided to make a free download available about some of the most popular ceramic... Read More »


Alisa Liskin Clausen, Recipe Name: Dolita Base (Alisa's Glossy Base), Cone 6, Amount Ingredient: 27 Frit--Ferro 3134 used Frit 623, 30 Kaolin--EPK, 18 Silica, 10 Ball Clay--Old Mine #4, 15 Dolomite, 100 Total, ADD: 1 Cobalt Carb., 1 RIO, Unity Formula given on flickr. under this tile