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von Crafted Love

How to Clean Tarnished Jewelry

Cleaning silver Jewelry Boiling water, glass dish/bowl,aluminum foil, baking soda, wooden/plastic utensil Put water on to boil. Crinkle aluminum foil & place in bottom of dish. Put jewelry in single layer on foil. Sprinkle baking soda over everything. Carefully pour boiling water over everything. Gently move items around with utensil. When shiny, remove & rinse under tap water. Make sure sink drain is closed. Dry jewelry with soft cloth.


Nothing worked. I couldn’t get my (very) tarnished silver jewelry clean and shiny. Short of paying a professional to steam clean my jewelry, I’d tried everything and been disappointed. Then I saw a homemade jewelry cleaner on Pinterest and thought why not. I’d given up hope on restoring my jewelry… View Post

von The Creek Line House

How to Clean Really Tarnished Silver Naturally

Clean your really tarnished silver quickly and easily with this awesome trick! This is so good, I almost think it should be taught in the schools!

von Crafted Love

How to Clean Tarnished Jewelry

To clean silver jewelry Boil water, while waiting for water to boil, slightly crinkle up aluminum foil, place it on bottom of dish. Put jewelry in single layer - make sure silver is touching foil. Sprinkle Baking Soda over everything. Pour in boiling water. Will see bubbling, notice rotten egg odor Using wooden/plastic spoon, gently move silver around, flip over, etc, make sure it touches aluminum foil. Once clean, remove jewelry, rinse under tap water Dry pieces off with soft towel


Amazed with this Homemade (no scrub) Jewelry Cleaner! ♥ Only thing that's worked on my most tarnished silver. ♥ Pin now, clean later. (details on


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