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Ihr plant ein Vintage-Shooting? Diese Vintage Curls sind ein absolutes Highlight…


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modern-pin-curls-tutorial Curls with a bit of vintage flair


How to Do Pin Curls on Longer Ish Hair.... Always had a hard time with those flat ones hopefully this can help me


Voluminous Blowouts and Retro Pin Curls: easy way to curl hair with damp hair wrap hair like so and pin then blow dry or sleep in it


Standard Textbook of Cosmetology (1938, 1954, 1959, 1962): Pin curl patterns and comb-outs

von Offbeat Bride

Create some retro fingerwaves with barrel pin curls

Holy gorgeous swirly retro curls, Batman! Tami Lee of My Moving Finger Writes knows how to rock out some retro waves that I know some era-inspired brides will totally be up for trying.

Pin-curl Pattern "The above picture demonstrates a close up of what they curls should look like. It is very important to alternate the directions of the curls."