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DIY: How to Paint a Concrete Floor, Porch or Patio - how to paint concrete to cover stains + lots of great pictures of painted floors + videos on how it's done - via Decorated Life

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tips on how to paint concrete flooring

Tips to paint concrete floors, so easy!


When painting cement the paint tends to peel or crack over time. You can keep the paint stuck to the cement longer by giving the floor an initial coat of white vinegar before you paint it. Wait until the vinegar has dried and then paint. Using this simple trick will ensure that your painted floors will shine and be beautiful longer!

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How to Stain Concrete Part 2

Hometalk | How to Stain Concrete Part 2

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Laundry Room Remodel

Love the idea of wood steps going into the basement and the painting the cement a glossy grey to mimic the outside scheme


Cement floor. Lightly sand cement, wash thoroughly. Dilute oil based paint *small Rustoleum with paint thinner. 1 paint/4-5 parts thinner. Wet floor w/water, small areas. Pour small amounts in random patterns. Lightly swirl colors. Don't overdo. Continue until floor is done. Let dry. This floor: dark brown, sand, gray. 2nd coat: rust, metallics and original color. Can add more coats. Let dry between. Polyurethane. Paint will be dull until poly is added.

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How to Prepare Your Concrete Floors for Dyeing or Staining

how to prepare concrete floors dyeing staining, concrete masonry, flooring, how to, painting