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Pencil Cup Labels {Freebie} (A Cupcake for the Teacher)

Pencil Cup Labels {Freebie}

Perhaps a possible solution to the ubiquitous problem of students not having pencils in math class and taking the teacher's pencils from the room.

This is a PDF download for my {FREE} Rainbow Watercolor Sharp and Dull Pencil…

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Chevron Pencil Bucket Labels

Chevron Pencil Bucket Labels... Another sign I should have a Chevron classroom??

Students can use the sharpened pencils and place broken ones in the "not sharpened". Students do not have to interrupt the class to sharpen a pencil.


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labels for sharp and need sharpening pencils

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A cup for sharp pencils and a cup for dull pencils. By having this, students will not be sharpening pencils all the time. When their pencil gets dull, they just get up, put it in the correct cup, and grab a sharpened pencil to continue their work.


I've seen the dull/sharp buckets in action in the classroom, and they're such a lifesaver! No more interruptions of kids sharpening pencils. (Other great ideas here too!)

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Free Flipped Signs! (more supplies...)

These printables are great to be placed on baskets for children to use throughout the day. With this system students do not need to get up to sharpen a pencil during the school day because when theirs breaks there will be ones ready to use! This is definetly a much less noisy way for students to solve the problem of a broken pencil during lessons!