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DIY: Faux Porcelain Vases

DIY: Faux Porcelain Vases


Trace a Favorite Shape or Image on contact paper. Cut and press paper on pillow, then apply puffy paint dots around image. Wait until paint dries then remove the contact paper.


I made this with puffy paint and glitter. You first paint the word sister and then sprinkle glitter and dry with a hair dryer Then write the word little. I then did the word biggest and then fan drying them in between with my hair dryer. You have to make sure each word dries before you put glitter with another color so you don't mix them. Use the same color puffy paint as the color of glitter you want. To order a custom shirt go to and click on the question tab.

I'thinking some puff paint and a black shirt...

Use Puffy Paint to make a Faux Mexi-Embroidered Shirt! Ohh.... this might work on a curtain too

shirt + kette

shirt + kette

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How to make a bleach bride t-shirt

DIY graphic tee with bleach art - I want to make this!

Fall Leaf Puffy Paint Window Decorations with printable templates #CraftyisContagious

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70+ Uses for Puffy Paint - Dimensional fabric paint has so many more uses than decorating a T-shirt

70+ uses for Puffy Paint (aka Dimensional Fabric Paint). It's not just for decorating T-shirts! Use for home decor items, jewelry, accessories, holiday decorations, non-skid and non-scratch applications, solutions for visually impaired and more!