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How to fold a chip bag so it stays closed. Because I'm not OCD enough about things

How to keep chips fresh in the bag WITHOUT using a chip clip! [plus 7 other unique ways to keep chips fresh]

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Learn to Do These 12 Mundane Things Right!

The right way to close a chip bag without a clip

Love these. Socks don't get lost in the washer or the dryer. They also work great for keeping chip bag closed.

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Close chip bags without the clip

close chip bags without the clip - sweet!

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Potato Chip Bag Bracelet: Gather Your Supplies

How to shrink a potato chip bag- Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Place an empty potato chip bag on a greased cookie sheet and place another cookie sheet on top. Place the pans into the oven and wait between 3-4 minutes. Check on your bag every minute or so to see how it's doing. If it starts to crackle too much, then it's time to take it out. Never put a bag in the over without closing it in the cookie sheets.

How to close chip bags without a clip