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Für die Patinnen und Grosmütter unserer Kinder haben wir wie bei den Seifenspendern Zeichnungen mit Fotos laminiert und diese in Spü...

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Say That Again: Giving Your Child The Gift of Voice

Say That Again: Giving Your Child The Gift of Voice « PRACTICAL PARENTING…WITH A TWIST!

Simply So Good: Peach Cranberry Crisp and $100 Crate & Barrel Gift Card Giveaway

Made this with the kids as a gift for Nana for Mother's Day, and it came out so cute! We used enamel paint, swirled it on the inside of clean Mason jars with a foam brush, then put their handprints on the outside in white enamel paint. Baked it as directed on the paint bottle to make it waterproof, then attached a little poem, a pretty ribbon and faux hydrangeas, but she'll be able to use these with fresh flowers too. Hope she likes it!


Ok so it might be intended for grandparents but this article has great tips on choosing the right colors for your skin


When I came downstairs in the morning at my grandparent's farm, I would hear grandma singing and whistling quietly as she prepared breakfast.

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3-2-1 cake -- 3 TBS cake mix (mix together 1 box angel food cake mix with 1 box any flavor cake mix of your choice), 2 TBS water, mix together and put in a mug, then microwave for one minute - SERVE! -- easiest recipe ever for quick single serving! Stays fresh when put in Tupperware or sealed ziplocks for keeping in a cupboard for storage! <3