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Jelly Bracelets 1

25 cents a piece... out of the vending machines... only way we could get them. I think I had, like 5, when other girls in my class had them up to their elbows. 1985. I remember thinking- wow. They have so much money!

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Jelly Bracelets and Mood Ring

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From the 80's: Rubber bracelets. Boys and girls alike loaded these up on their arms.

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Erinnert ihr euch an die? #80er #Kindheitserinnerung #Glitzernbisesaustrocknet…

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jelly bracelets with sparkles in them, I would be a liar if I said I didn't still have some of these ;)


Transparente Gummiarmreifen mit Flüssigkeit und Glitzer gefüllt

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53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand

The horrible smell jelly bracelets left after you wore them all day...

18 Cosas que coleccionabas de niña en los 90's

Glitter Armbänder,Gelee Armbänder,Kindheit Zeit,Kindheit Rückblenden,90 S Retro,18 Dinge,Jeder,Kindheit,Kleine Dinge

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It's only just begun...: Busy Bag Swap for Toddlers Need to make a geoBoard

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