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Surreal Wonderland (18 paintings)



Girl Alice © Juri H (Artist, New York, NY, USA) aka jurithedreamer via deviantart. Prints available at link. Alice in Wonderland, Cake, Books. [Do not remove caption. The law requires that you credit the artist. List/Link directly to artist's website. Artists need to eat too!]] PINTEREST on COPYRIGHT: The Golden Rule:


Alice in Wonderland. Charles Folkard. Charles Folkard Humpty Dumpty raised his voice almost to a scream as he repeated this verse, and Alice thought with a shudder, `I wouldn't have been the messenger for anything!'

"He stood here, facing the kitchen doorway." Angeline murmured as she crossed one leg over the other. Pointing to a pile of burning wood, she glanced at her confused sister. "Go on, his footprints are under that. How can you not know this?"